Fan Of The Month Archive

August 2013

Kristi Klingler
Skills: Tambourine, song requests
Fan Level: 1000

August 2014

Melissa and Kyle
Skills: Fire pit, firearms, fireworks, Fireball Whiskey

June 2015

Carmen and Jennifer
Skills: Band photography, frozen tundra survival, road trips, bartending

July 2015

Erica and Kayla
Skills: Interior decorating, domestic beer, plaid, caring for the elderly

September 2015

Valerie, Kelly and Brittany
Skills: Requesting footloose, harassing Adam

October 2015

Tab and Jeff
Skills: Racing, cheering for the Packers, bottled domestic beer, swing dancing

December 2016

The Philips
Skills: Hold the all-time show attendance record. Adoptive band family.

January 2017

Kimberly and Rach
Skills: Photos with the band, scrapbooking, collecting band merch, Coors Light

February 2017

Vinnie and Kalie
Skills: Dancing, NASCAR, Jack Daniels
Benchpress: 235 lbs

March 2017

UMD Dance Team
Skills: Slap The Bag, Kleptomania...
oh yeah, and dancing

April 2017

Craig and Georgette
Skills: Dancing, classic cars,
pouring J├Ągermeister down James' throat

May 2017

Pat and Abby
Skills: Tractors, Dirt Road Anthem, Red Dirt country